Change Your Brain

“…since the 1990s brain researchers have come to realize that the brain— even the adult brain— is far more adaptable than anyone ever imagined, and this gives us a tremendous amount of control over what our brains are able to do. In particular, the brain responds to the right sorts of triggers by rewiring itself…

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You Can’t Grow Without Sacrifice

Every time you see a person, family, or organization grow and develop, sacrifice has always been working behind the scenes to make that happen. It may take the form of time, focus, or money but it is always necessary. To make our families better, we must let go of selfishness. To make our health better,…

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Are You a Leader?

Leaders see a vision and make it their north start. Leaders persuade others to follow that vision. Leaders put in the work…the hard work. Leaders lift and serve. Leaders inspire action. Leaders inspire greatness. Leaders fight the inner battles to get the external results. Leaders play bold and big. Leaders create deadlines and are accountable.…

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Races Don’t Have Ties

At the end of the day, a winner is always selected. Whether it be a presidential candidate, a sport, or even a job opening at the office, there will never be a tie. When ten or twenty teams play for a championship only one team wins. When dozens of job applicants are interviewed for one…

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Your Voice Matters

Some say that your vote doesn’t count. Some say that you’ll never be heard. Your voice matters more than you realize. It matters to your children, your employees, your congregation, and your friends. Your voice can solve an issue that sometimes only you can see. Your voice can heal a heart that only you can…

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