The Other Side of Resistance

The Other Side of Resistance

Have you ever been a part of a winning team? You know, those times when results just seem to flow. Money, success, or a winning streak…when you’re in the groove it just seems to work.

It’s in these moments when you collect the harvest.

Other times, life is more like clearing land. Out behind your house there are massive, gnarly trees as far as you can see. Every day you bust your butt and end each day tired, exhausted, and at times frustrated.

When life gets tough don’t stop doing the work.

At times, we can all have the tendency to give up, quit, and leave. What if you pushed through the pain and exhaustion, even when you didn’t want to? Would you be better off?

Would the tenacity to work through the pain make you strong? Would it give you greater empathy for others who struggle for their dreams? Would it give you emotional resilience? That kind of fight in your soul attracts opportunity like moths to a flame.

When life gets hard, don’t stop doing the work.

Your dreams are on the other side of the resistance.

How Focusing On Your Weaknesses May Be Undermining Your Success

How Focusing On Your Weaknesses May Be Undermining Your Success

See your weaknesses…
Focus on them…
Make them better…

This is one path to improvement and it’s a difficult journey, especially if it’s the exclusive road you travel. Consistently refining those weak parts of your personality and skills is a hard path; a rewarding one -but slow, difficult, and very time consuming.

With time those weaknesses can become strengths, but with a great deal of trial and work.

Another path, which is highly effective and much more fun is to discover your strengths and abilities, and then leverage them. In most cases your strengths give you tremendous energy and passion.

Have you ever dove into a project and the hours just flew by. It usually happens when you’re doing something you love combined with something that your naturally very good at. Combine those with something you get paid for and you have a very, very powerful combination.

For me it’s writing, teaching, inspiring, and innovating. If I build my day around those four activities, life is euphoric. If I do these disciplines each day, life flows. As I’ve structured the way I make a living around these, abundance flows.

When you build on your strengths, momentum and confidence is maximized. When you focus on harnessing what you naturally do best you become energized and passionate.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators learn their strengths and uncover their genius. Then they learn to leverage them. Because they are using their unique skills and abilities, others around them recognize this expertise and genius.

When you work in your genius you get the best results for the least effort.

Then they learn to delegate those things that don’t fit into this window of excellence. They surround themselves with highly proficient and effective teams. In an optimal setting you focus on those things you do well, and your team members each focus on what they do well. Together the entire team is leveraged through their natural strengths.

This is a powerful way to live, lead, and thrive. My advice is to always be improving your weaknesses but ultimately focus the majority of your energy on first discovering and then leveraging your strengths.

Are You Living the Dream?

Are You Living the Dream?

Living the dream isn’t some distant fantasy that is achieved. We can live our dreams, starting today.

Many use dreams as an escape. They run scenarios and fantasies in their minds, never starting the work necessary to build a greater future.

They dream to escape the pain of the past and the present. Dreams become reality when you step into the pain and transform the pain into power.

Another obstacle may be the perceive expectation of perfection. Perfection is a trap that can hold your happiness hostage. It comes from a deep fear that worth and value comes from knowing it all, or having it all, and saying it without flaw.

The truth is that we all have pain, flaws, and imperfections. Moving forward despite those flaws, imperfections, and pain is true courage.

This is what it comes down to. He who takes the most action wins. Action is lean and quick while perfection is slow and methodical. Many times perfection kills dreams before they even have a chance to be watered and grown, let alone harvested.

Dreams and desires are wonderful and powerful. Having a clear vision of the future is the beginning. It is a seed that can be nourished and can bring a massive harvest and abundance.

Do you have your of dreams clearly identified? Traction comes from taking daily actions that are in alignment with your vision for the future. If you’re not going anywhere it’s because the rubber on your tire isn’t hitting the road.

If you don’t know the future you want to create, the actions you take won’t ever help you get there. Power and momentum will come into your life through focus and disciplined action. We build our futures starting today, every day.

I’ll end with three questions.

  • What are you doing to realize your dreams?
  • What actions are you taking today to create a greater future?
  • Who can you impact and serve today that can make that happen?

How to Cultivate and Protect Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come natural for most people.  Most people pretend they have it on the surface but deep down they have very little.  Here are a few strategies on how to cultivate and protect it.

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You want to increase your confidence so you can:

-Have resiliency so that when setbacks come, you jump right back up
-Believe in your own unique abilities and skill sets
-Have an unwavering belief in your purpose and mission
-Build your greater future

For most people, confidence must be cultivated.

When you cultivate your confidence you start to protect the things you are successful at and the things you are doing well.  Everyone one of us has things we are doing well, but we must acknowledge them.

Sometimes these are:

-Encouraging words to a son or daughter
-Powerful words to our spouse or co-workers
-A great decision we made at work
-Our ability to follow through
-A problem that we analyzed and then brought forward a solution

No matter what happens every single day there is SOMETHING that you can do to celebrate these wins.

Watch for specific details.



Do You See Marketing as a Cost or as an Investment?

Labeling your outflow of money as a cost or an investments may be key to keeping, growing, and leveling up your income.

What is an investment vs. a cost? (If you’re getting this in an email, go to the blog to see the video)

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Your car can be viewed as a cost.  In traditional accounting this is how it is labeled.  However, this investment allows you to be more productive, earn a living, and multiply your results.

A car can be a VERY good investment.

When you are selling a product are you telling your customers how much your product will cost them or are you telling them what service you will provide for their investment.  The benefits you deliver is the return on their investment.

Early in my career, when finances were much tighter, I would always ask myself how much a book would COST me.  When I started to see my books and education as an INVESTMENT it changed the game.

Now, instead of dealing with smalls INVESTMENTS, the marketing budgets I help manage on a daily basis are the life-blood of leads and opportunity.  If seen as as strictly a cost these expenses would cripple the organization.  Seen from the correct viewpoint, the investment into marketing provides massive returns.

Small businesses often never get off the ground and grow near as quickly as they are never willing to invest.