Chase Money It Runs, Create Value It Flows

Just like a dog chases a cat, if you chase money it will hide, resist, and run. On the other hand, if you focus on creating value in the life of those around you it flows.

Money isn’t made by asking for money. It’s EXCHANGED by creating value, change, transformation, and utility in the lives of your customers or even your employer.

By focusing on value creation instead of only the money your brand takes on a whole new meaning. You’ll meet the needs of your customer, referrals will come easier, and repeat business will increase.

Ask yourself AND answer this question.

What is my customer why?

Then take this question deeper.

What keeps my customers up at night?
Why do my customers do business will me?
What needs do my customers have that I could meet?
Does my messaging match their why?

One things I’ve learned over the last eighteen years in business is that money flows when we stop thinking about “the money.” When we instead focus on those we are serving and how we can better serve them, magic happens.  Customers inherently know if you are real. Really concerned about them and bringing them value.

Your Degree is Key but No Guarantee

Here is the advice I’d give to anyone working on their degree or in the first 10 years of your career.  (if you are getting this in email, click here see the video)

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Are you working on your degree?  Maybe you just received it?  Or maybe been working less than ten years?

Many times we’re taught or under than impressing that your degree will be “the key” to economics success in your career and life.  The degree is a key that opens a door but what happens inside that door up to you.

Just because you have the degree doesn’t mean you have all the attributes that the organization is looking for.  The degree is a key but it isn’t a guarantee of the earning power that you’ll accomplish.

What can you do?

1) Be a value creator.  Deliver more value than you consume.
2) How does what you do tie to the bottom line of the organization?
3) Relentlessly focus on this drive toward the bottom line
4) Differentiate yourself and stand out

Watch for my free course on Leveling Up Your Earning Power in the coming month.

How To Have Greater Momentum, Impact, and Results

Together mindsets, skill sets, and action sets can create profound momentum, impact, results, and greater levels of happiness.

There isn’t an area of your life that isn’t impacted by the way you think, the skill sets you cultivate, and then the actions you take that align with your thoughts and skills.  (Video – If you are seeing this in your email click here for the video.)

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2015 is the Year of Impact

What is your word for 2015? This is your power word.

This word needs to instill vision and purpose in your daily actions. What word will take you to the next level with those you love and those you impact?

My word is IMPACT. Here is why (Video below):

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I Need Your Input

I’m working on a new video for my Economics of Impact course I’m developing but would like to ask you a question.

What are the main things that keep people from leveling up their lives? Fear? Lack of knowledge? Comfort?

Let me know your thoughts. And why you think that way.  (I did this on Facebook this last week and got some great responses but wanted to make sure I gave you a chance to share your voice)

If you’re reading this in the email just hit reply and give me your feedback.  If you’re on the blog, please leave a comment below.  I don’t want to miss anything in the course.


–Carl Woolston
“The Momentum Guy”
Author and Innovator

P.S.  The Economics of Impact course will be released mid to end of January.  It’s sole focus is to empower you to level up your earning power by increasing your impact.  There will be 3 free powerful videos (each over 30 minutes) of fabulous content.  I’m working on the content right now.  Life-changing info.