Ideas Don’t Get Things Done

Everything around us was built by someone: the roads we travel, the phones we use, the house that keeps us warm, and the technology that connects us. Human creativity and innovation have shaped our world for the better. First someone had an idea. Then they went to work. They worked with tenacity towards creating that…

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Failure Isn’t Who You Are, It’s an Experience You Have

Over a decade ago, the company I was working with was in trouble. The marketing funnel and large marketing budget that had driven successful leads to the sales team was struggling and bleeding money. The sales team had just experienced massive turnover and in an effort to stop the death spiral, a new sales manager…

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The Waves of Resistance

It was warm summer afternoon and my family and I were enjoying a wonderful day on a warm California beach just outside Oceanside. The waves were perfect for surfing and body boarding, and the locals were out in droves. My two oldest teenage sons and I had grabbed a wet suit and a body board…

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Where We Lose the Battle

Where we lose the battle is often found in our minds. We make mistakes; we get stuck with guilt. We hit resistance; we stop. We want to lose weight and we lose focus and momentum. At times we spent our lives stuck in thought, not doing. We don’t make decisions because both the options both…

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The Other Side of Resistance

Have you ever been a part of a winning team? You know, those times when results just seem to flow. Money, success, or a winning streak…when you’re in the groove it just seems to work. It’s in these moments when you collect the harvest. Other times, life is more like clearing land. Out behind your…

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