How Focusing On Your Weaknesses May Be Undermining Your Success

See your weaknesses… Focus on them… Make them better… This is one path to improvement and it’s a difficult journey, especially if it’s the exclusive road you travel. Consistently refining those weak parts of your personality and skills is a hard path; a rewarding one -but slow, difficult, and very time consuming. With time those…

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Are You Living the Dream?

Living the dream isn’t some distant fantasy that is achieved. We can live our dreams, starting today. Many use dreams as an escape. They run scenarios and fantasies in their minds, never starting the work necessary to build a greater future. They dream to escape the pain of the past and the present. Dreams become…

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How to Cultivate and Protect Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come natural for most people.  Most people pretend they have it on the surface but deep down they have very little.  Here are a few strategies on how to cultivate and protect it. You want to increase your confidence so you can: -Have resiliency so that when setbacks come, you jump right back…

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Do You See Marketing as a Cost or as an Investment?

Labeling your outflow of money as a cost or an investments may be key to keeping, growing, and leveling up your income. What is an investment vs. a cost? (If you’re getting this in an email, go to the blog to see the video) Your car can be viewed as a cost.  In traditional accounting…

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Chase Money It Runs, Create Value It Flows

Just like a dog chases a cat, if you chase money it will hide, resist, and run. On the other hand, if you focus on creating value in the life of those around you it flows. Money isn’t made by asking for money. It’s EXCHANGED by creating value, change, transformation, and utility in the lives…

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