your challenge: Transform the way you think, act, and get results
About Coach Carl
I am an expert in helping entrepreneurs, small business teams, and individuals take strategic action and create breakthroughs, both professionally and personally.
If you really hope to transform your business or career, lead change and growth with confidence, and create the life you want then I can definitely help you.
My Story...

Fifteen years ago I was an unhappy entrepreneur who was stuck trying to build my business. After being on the road for twenty-six weeks in one year and eighteen the next, I had had enough. I shut down my business that was paying my mortgage and didn't know how I would feed my family. 
Having no income, a house payment, and a young family to feed I took the first sales job I could find.

I didn't know it at the time, but the company that just hired me was falling apart. In the midst of six months of chaos, I was put into a leadership position, doubled my salary, and solved problems. 

My personal breakthrough came when I discovered...

Stops Along My Journey...
I was hired to develop and build a coaching program for financial professionals.
(Lessons learned: the power choosing a good business model, when to move on and stop an initiative, working with high performers, and not selling well from stage)
I’ve lead a NY Times best selling book tour that visited 32 cities in 52 weeks. My small team put together the marketing plan, developed the collateral, and were the feet on the street at all events.

(Lessons learned: the key to breakthroughs is fully leveraging what you already have, the power of momentum, and how education through books and online creates the currency of influence)
I’ve written two small business books. The first, called Hub Mentality, written with New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling writer Stephen Palmer. The second, Momentum Maximizer, explored my five step process to sustain ongoing business momentum, which I wrote and published in just 90 days. 

(Lessons learned: thought-leadership are keys to credibility, books and training open doors to opportunity and influence, and books should be written with a marketing model in mind such as a high end business card)
I’ve helped develop a lead system that has created over 20,000 leads with a 7-figure marketing budget.

(Lessons learned: direct response marketing, website and funnel building, webinars, lead generation, technology stacks such as Click Funnels, WordPress, InfusionSoft, Marketo, and Salesforce)
I’ve consulted and helped one client grow from 1 million to over 6 million of revenue. 

(Lessons learned: the power of a marketing system, understanding team strengths, getting employees in the right seat on the bus, the lid of a company is the leadership, the need for accountability, and strategic decisions)
It's Time to Break Through Fear
I invite you to join a community of innovators who are breaking through their personal limitations and fear. If you're here, you've most likely heard "the call," the first step in innovation. You know you have a voice and it needs to be heard. You have insights but sometimes people just won't listen. It's time to step up and step out.
The Innovator's Code
  •  I write my own story
  •  I create more value than I consume
  •  I lead with vision and take action
  •  I see problems and drive solutions
  •  My habits are the foundation of my results 
  •  I focus on growth not greed
  •  Income follows influence
Join Me On The Innovator's Path
I coach and consult entrepreneurs, small business teams, and individuals who want breakthroughs, professionally, and personally. I invite you to join a community of innovators who lead, transform businesses, and create predicable change.
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