I am an expert in helping entrepreneurs, small business teams, and individuals take strategic action and create breakthroughs, both professionally and personally.

If you really hope to transform your business or career, lead change and growth with confidence, and create the life you want then I can definitely help you.

I invite you to join a community of innovators who transform businesses, lead them, and create predictable change. We lead from the front and use action-minded tools and habits to get results. We see problems and drive solutions. We write our own stories and focus on growth, not greed. 

Personally, we use the same innovative approach in our communities and families. We give back, make a difference, and create more value than we consume.

I was born to be a creative strategist, driven innovator, and passionate learner. 

My entire life (46) I’ve always found myself in the middle of innovation. Both in business or personal life, I’ve always been drawn to the frontier of growth and progress. This journey has taken me down the path of small business and entrepreneurship in my professional life.

Here are some of the lessons and experiences from my journey on the Innovator’s Path:

My first career was natural health, where I was part-owner in a health clinic in Colorado Springs, CO for several years. I partnered with thought leaders who created a natural health school, developed new medical technology, and created a health clinic. (Lessons learned: small business infrastructure, hiring employees, marketing, overhead mistakes, the value of a marketing story, mistakes in communication, passionate leadership, and the power of a cause)

I was hired to develop and build a coaching program for financial professionals. (Lessons learned: the power choosing a good business model, when to move on and stop an initiative, working with high performers, and not selling well from stage)

 I’ve lead a NY Times best selling book tour that visited 32 cities in 52 weeks. My small team put together the marketing plan, developed the collateral, and were the feet on the street at all events. (Lessons learned: the key to breakthroughs is fully leveraging what you already have, the power of momentum, and how education through books and online creates the currency of influence)

I’ve written two small business books. The first, called Hub Mentality, written with New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling writer Stephen Palmer, discusses the way technology has transformed how companies need to interact with their customers to create trust in the new “connection age”. The second, Momentum Maximizer, explored my five step process to sustain ongoing business momentum, which I wrote and published in just 90 days. (Lessons learned: thought-leadership are keys to credibility, books and training open doors to opportunity and influence, and books should be written with a marketing model in mind such as a high end business card)

I’ve led a marketing team that helped develop a lead system that has created over 20,000 leads with a 7-figure marketing budget. (Lessons learned: direct response marketing, website and funnel building, webinars, lead generation, technology stacks such as Click Funnels, WordPress, InfusionSoft, Marketo, and Salesforce)

I’ve consulted and helped one client grow from 1 million to over 6 million of revenue. (Lessons learned: the power of a marketing system, understanding team strengths, getting employees in the right seat on the bus, the lid of a company is the leadership, the need for accountability, and strategic decisions)

On a personal note:

My wife and I are in the process of raising six incredible children. Family is of the utmost importance to me as we teach them how to serve, contribute and be good Christians. We have strong relationships with each other and even though three are now longer living at home, they still like to talk to me (bonus)!

I also serve on the board at Legacy Preparatory Academy, a charter school near Bountiful, Utah. I have coached competitive soccer for four of my children. I love a great football, basketball, or soccer game, and sports in general.

Life lessons come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are sometimes very difficult. I’ve battled through an auto-immune disease, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and losing a large sum in a bad investment. Breakthroughs are not always easy.

I love fly fishing on a summer evening watching the sun set and the fish bite.  I have a deep love and appreciation for nature, the mountains, and exploring new trails in the outdoors and in life.