Chase Money It Runs, Create Value It Flows

Just like a dog chases a cat, if you chase money it will hide, resist, and run. On the other hand, if you focus on creating value in the life of those around you it flows.

Money isn’t made by asking for money. It’s EXCHANGED by creating value, change, transformation, and utility in the lives of your customers or even your employer.

By focusing on value creation instead of only the money your brand takes on a whole new meaning. You’ll meet the needs of your customer, referrals will come easier, and repeat business will increase.

Ask yourself AND answer this question.

What is my customer why?

Then take this question deeper.

What keeps my customers up at night?
Why do my customers do business will me?
What needs do my customers have that I could meet?
Does my messaging match their why?

One things I’ve learned over the last eighteen years in business is that money flows when we stop thinking about “the money.” When we instead focus on those we are serving and how we can better serve them, magic happens.  Customers inherently know if you are real. Really concerned about them and bringing them value.

Breaking the Code of the Mind

When I truly started to understand how my mind worked but also how I could train my mindsets and thought patterns to drive success and results, I felt like I had broken the code.

I felt like anything was possible.

See, thoughts drive every part of our lives.  They are the dominos that drive our actions and our results.

It’s a little more complicated than that due to the deeper thought patterns and subroutines, but I’ll get more into that later.

While I’m not an Einstein and most likely, you’re not either, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t brilliant or have genius.

In fact, your mind can be trained to do incredible things and lead your actions towards incredible results.

Think about it.

•    A dentist trains his body and mind to perform very difficult and precise work.
•    A great basketball player trains her mind and body to work automatically to play defense, shoot free-throws, and score points.
•    An actor trains his body to memorize vast dialogue and sequences.

Science used to think that after a person matured and became an adult the mind was basically “stuck” (don’t you love the official term).  You had, what you had at that point and there was no amount of effort that could change the brain.

But recent science in the last 20 years or so has broken that myth apart.  Basically, with the right desires, tools, and actions, a person can create new neural pathways.

Exert from my newest book under construction called  “Mind Traps”

What Abundance is Teaches Us That is Wrong

If you want to talk to a friend you text them. If you want to know a restaurant in the area, you google it.

If you have a craving for something sweet, you grab some ice cream. If you want entertainment, you stream your favorite show or catch the newest movie.

The abundance around us is teaching us that anything we want we can get almost instantly.

The problem is that it just isn’t true…especially in most important areas of our life. We have abundance because someone was willing to pay the price.

Great marriages and families are built intentionally through years of effort and dedication. Greatness comes to the surface through a continuous commitment to ideals, through good times and bad.

A healthy and in shape body comes through months of work and effort and saying no. Great income and impact have an unseen price, usually decades of effort and tenacity.

Overnight success is a myth. If you want great relationships, a healthy body, and great income, you have to be willing to pay the price.