How to Inspire and Lift Those Around You

Not all leaders use the same methods.  Some use carrots and incentives, which can work effectively.

Some leaders use a dictatorship style; methods that are in your face and consequence driven.  This can be effective as well but does not cultivate loyalty.

Inspiration is the true motivator.  To inspire is to motivate, strengthen, and share a vision.  Inspiration starts with the “Why” and not with the “What” or the “How”.  (See Start with Why by Simon Sinek)

When you lead with why and follow closely with what and how you get buy-in.  This buy-in has the potential to be deep, profound, and long-lasting.

How can you inspire and lift those around you?  Why do you do what you do?  Inspire those around you with that vision and then take action towards that ideal.

It’s the Buy-In That Makes It Hard

Ideas are the easy part. Great ideas are much more difficult. To take an idea and implement is even more challenging.

The larger your organization the more time and energy that must go toward buy-in. Great ideas don’t die because they were bad, but because they never spread.

Great implementers know how to get buy-in. They know how to connect and persuade, always moving their ideas closer to reality.

Dreamers often live alone with their dreams. Implementers get others to join the vision.

What do you see? What are you building? How can you persuade others to join you?