Are You a Leader?

Leaders see a vision and make it their north start.
Leaders persuade others to follow that vision.
Leaders put in the work…the hard work.
Leaders lift and serve.
Leaders inspire action.
Leaders inspire greatness.
Leaders fight the inner battles to get the external results.
Leaders play bold and big.
Leaders create deadlines and are accountable.
Leaders listen and learn.

Are you a leader? How can you be a better leader?

How to Cultivate and Protect Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come natural for most people.  Most people pretend they have it on the surface but deep down they have very little.  Here are a few strategies on how to cultivate and protect it.

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You want to increase your confidence so you can:

-Have resiliency so that when setbacks come, you jump right back up
-Believe in your own unique abilities and skill sets
-Have an unwavering belief in your purpose and mission
-Build your greater future

For most people, confidence must be cultivated.

When you cultivate your confidence you start to protect the things you are successful at and the things you are doing well.  Everyone one of us has things we are doing well, but we must acknowledge them.

Sometimes these are:

-Encouraging words to a son or daughter
-Powerful words to our spouse or co-workers
-A great decision we made at work
-Our ability to follow through
-A problem that we analyzed and then brought forward a solution

No matter what happens every single day there is SOMETHING that you can do to celebrate these wins.

Watch for specific details.