Listening To the Inner Call

I have a drive: a drive to understand principles that elevate, lift, inspire and deliver results. I have a drive to deliver these principles with powerful tools that unlock the potential of individuals, unlock insight, unlock possibility, and unlock the natural genius that a person already has within them.

Over the last 30 days I’ve focused on my 25 year vision. I’ll be 65 and the year will be 2039. I’ve thought a lot about my relationships and family, my career, and my impact in society. These thoughts include what I want to deliver to the marketplace, who I am, and what I am passionate about.

Through this powerful 25 year exercise key insights have awakened within me. These are powerful creative possibilities about my potential future.

Over the weekend, I was going through some old boxes in the garage and the first thing I pulled out were some notes with very similar insights that I had had back in 2006.

Eight years ago, I was in a creative space about what my purpose and mission was and as I was reading through these old notes, everything read almost word for word in principle with what I have been currently working on.

Since 2006, there have been some significant personal obstacles in my life but my point is this: when we listen to that inner spark, that inner desire on what we have to contribute to the world and what we’re passionate about we need to understand that we have those insights so that we can act on them, so that we can deliver that value to the world around us.

It is the song that is within us. It is the book that is within us. It is the way that we feel deep inside us where it’s the life we’re meant to live and in the way we’re meant to inspire. None of us want to end our lives still having that song never played.

This is my call to you to listen to those sparks of genius, to listen to that inner voice, that still small voice that is pushing you in a direction. Listen to it, honor it and see what you can create.

La-La Land is a Dangerous Place to Live

Creativity is great, dreaming is draining. To create is the process by which a person gets an inspired idea then works passionately to bring that vision into physical reality.

It’s the process by which a person goes from insight to idea, then from idea to action. Those actions then build something real and tangible.

La-La Land is the place that dreamers live. Dreamers think about what they will do at some future time in their life and never take the steps needed to make it happen.

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like to visit La-La Land on occasion but going and living in the “dream land” is dangerous and addictive.

Choose today to take something you’re thinking about and start building. Step out of your dreams and start to make them a reality.