You Can’t Always Trust Your Brain

You can’t always trust your brain. While an invaluable tool (for those who choose to use it), your mind doesn’t always give great advice.

-It’s too hard
-I can’t do it
-I’m not strong enough
-I’m not talented enough
-I’m not a leader
-I’m not a salesman
-I’m not smart enough
-I’m not good looking

I could go on but you get the point. Your mind can be full of excuses and in many, many cases it is completely wrong.

Those who become powerful influencers use the mind as a tool to weigh options, make decisions, solve problems, and serve others. They also learn when to ignore the voices that don’t come from the best self.

Use your brain, but don’t listen to every piece of advice it gives you. It can be a powerful tool or a father of lies.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Credibility is currency. In every new encounter skepticism has never been higher, trust has never been lower.

Positioning yourself as an expert takes down walls and lowers resistance. It instantly builds credibility.

  • It increases the amount of money you take home and can charge.
  • It increases the possibility that others value your opinion and collaboration.
  • It increases the speed at which your ideas are implemented.
  • It takes down barriers and builds trust.

Strive toward becoming an expert in your craft. It will open doors and increase your revenue.