To the Edge of the Cliff and Back

When you’re ready to engage in the fight of your life, find someone who has been to the edge of the cliff and survived. If you’re a small business owner find someone who has seen the dark waters you’re experiencing and hire them as a coach or a mentor. If you’re in the battle to shed those pounds that haunt you every time you dare to look in the mirror, find someone who has been to the edge of that cliff and returned victorious. If you’re raising children, break free from the paradigms of your own youth and find the path that someone has already forged victoriously.

Life is too short to blaze every trail on your own and to learn every lesson through the unrelenting blows of inexperience. Find someone who has been to the edge of the cliff, faced their fears and anxieties victoriously, and then returned battle hardened. Often these quiet heroes have never seen the clamor of crowds or the cheers of public recognition but rather have a quiet dignity and confidence that draws you to them magnetically.

Choose someone who has fought and won. Their experience will be priceless and their friendship will be powerful.

Today, I Begin a New Day

There is tremendous opportunity in a day.   I seize this day.  I want to live it.  I get to live it.

In my darkest and most dreadful hours a new gift has always been given; a new day and a new moment in time.  Today is a blank page in my book of life and I’m writing an epic story.

Stories are not great because of perfect pasts but are full of conflict, problems, and pain.  Heroes are forged in adversity and find their power through the adversity.  I choose to overcome adversity.

I vividly see a vision of a brighter horizon and move with purpose toward it.  I know that great destinations are rarely reached in a day but today, when I complete my day’s journey, I will be closer to my destination.

When the story of this day is written, it will be filled with bold steps, profound insights, and sweeping transformation.  As obstacles come toward me, I will fight through them –  no matter their size and scope.  Though I may be bruised and broken I will give it my all, for tomorrow will be a new day.

Today, I will let my past sleep and my future wait. My future will be found in the actions of today.  Each moment of this day provides the opportunity to decide.  I will decide what I think and how I act.  My best self will make every decision and action.  Today, I choose to intentionally create my ideal future.

Today, I will conquer the darkness within me and overcome.    In past days I’ve learned that darkness follows selfish acts.  Darkness consumes and leaves wakes of destruction in its path.  Today, I reject darkness and all that it stands for.

I wake and look into the sun and say, “Let there be light.”  I choose to see light.  I see the light in my children and family.  I choose to see the light in friends and colleagues.  No matter what chaos and darkness surround me I will see light and learn from the situation.

I boldly awake with anticipation of the people I will meet and serve.  I give more value than I consume.  My best-self rejects mediocrity and success at the expense of others.

I will find success because I have given.  When I give I live true to the greatness found within me.

Today, I choose to love completely and give everything I have to the people who are put in my path.  For I know that my greatest joy will come from contribution.  To contribute and be of use to those around me feeds my soul.

Today I’ve been given the gift of time – 86,400 seconds and 1,440 minutes.  What will I do will this time?  Will I use it to indulge in selfishness and self-gratification, or will I use this time to lift, inspire, and deliver value?  I choose to lift, inspire, and deliver value because I want to,  I get to.

Today, I will be grateful for who I am and the abilities I have.  I cannot be anything more than what I am and who I am is enough.

As I close this day I will look back with gratitude and remember what I have learned.  I will acknowledge the opportunities I’ve seized and service I’ve given.  With satisfaction my head will rest on my pillow and I’ll say to myself, “Today, I created my best day.”

Drowning is a Rough Way to Die

I felt smothered below mountains of rock.  Where can I go and what can I do?  No matter how hard I try to move the weight seems unbearable.

Breathing is beyond possible.

Why is so much expected of me?  Why have I made the decisions I have?  When darkness is all I see and feel does light still exist?

I’m buried.

All I have left is hope.  Hope that light will somehow crawl through the cracks, know where I am and find my forgotten soul.

I’m waiting and can’t breathe.