Are You a Leader?

Leaders see a vision and make it their north start.
Leaders persuade others to follow that vision.
Leaders put in the work…the hard work.
Leaders lift and serve.
Leaders inspire action.
Leaders inspire greatness.
Leaders fight the inner battles to get the external results.
Leaders play bold and big.
Leaders create deadlines and are accountable.
Leaders listen and learn.

Are you a leader? How can you be a better leader?

You Can Never Outrun a Decision

Decisions will stalk you. They will hunt your down and force their consequences into your life.

Even indecision is a decision. By not choosing one way or another, you are deciding to let others take control of your future.

By making decisions you are claiming your future because you want to and get to. Be bold, be daring, be decisive.

Great business leaders are willing to be wrong but know that results will never be achieved without decision. Momentum comes through purposeful and powerful action, more than perfect decisions.

Do You Have Decidaphobia?

The speed at which companies can move is relative to the speed at which decisions are being made by leadership. Let that sink in for a moment.

All companies, whether large are small, are faced with decisions every single day. Indecisiveness stagnates business growth, slows momentum, and leaves employees wondering “What’s next?” or “Where are we going?” or “What am I supposed to be doing?”

Great leaders not only make great decisions, but recognize the bottleneck that indecisiveness creates.