Races Don’t Have Ties

At the end of the day, a winner is always selected.

Whether it be a presidential candidate, a sport, or even a job opening at the office, there will never be a tie.

When ten or twenty teams play for a championship only one team wins. When dozens of job applicants are interviewed for one job position only one candidate is selected.

Sometimes you win, many times you lose. In fact, most of the time you lose.

Even if you lose, you can still win, if you choose to win.

You can see pain at a catalyst for growth. You can see setback as perspective. You can see obstacles as the raw materials for growth.

When you play to win, you grow, even when you lose.

When you set a goal to lose twenty pounds and you lose only seventeen you still win. When you start a business you may not succeed but you’ll learn, be stretched, and become stronger.

When you run a marathon, you’ll most likely not take first but you’ll still win.

Challenge yourself, think big and bold, and take risks. That’s how you’ll succeed.

Ideas Don’t Get Things Done

Everything around us was built by someone: the roads we travel, the phones we use, the house that keeps us warm, and the technology that connects us.

Human creativity and innovation have shaped our world for the better.

First someone had an idea. Then they went to work.

They worked with tenacity towards creating that vision. They didn’t listen to the internal voice that told them it couldn’t be done. They didn’t listen to other voices telling them it wasn’t possible.

They figured out how to build it. They raised money to produce it. They worked when others weren’t working. They often worked without reward. They fought through obstacles big and small.

Ideas don’t get things done.

It’s the execution of the idea that makes things better. Ideas can inspire but tenacious action creates change.

The world needs your usefulness. The world needs you to follow through on your ideas.

Do You See Marketing as a Cost or as an Investment?

Labeling your outflow of money as a cost or an investments may be key to keeping, growing, and leveling up your income.

What is an investment vs. a cost? (If you’re getting this in an email, go to the blog to see the video)

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3lvdXR1LmJlL2xsUkZobGRseFFB[/video_player]

Your car can be viewed as a cost.  In traditional accounting this is how it is labeled.  However, this investment allows you to be more productive, earn a living, and multiply your results.

A car can be a VERY good investment.

When you are selling a product are you telling your customers how much your product will cost them or are you telling them what service you will provide for their investment.  The benefits you deliver is the return on their investment.

Early in my career, when finances were much tighter, I would always ask myself how much a book would COST me.  When I started to see my books and education as an INVESTMENT it changed the game.

Now, instead of dealing with smalls INVESTMENTS, the marketing budgets I help manage on a daily basis are the life-blood of leads and opportunity.  If seen as as strictly a cost these expenses would cripple the organization.  Seen from the correct viewpoint, the investment into marketing provides massive returns.

Small businesses often never get off the ground and grow near as quickly as they are never willing to invest.

Why You Shouldn’t Travel the Road Never Taken

Pioneering a new concept, idea, or company can be unbelievably slow. Many innovators struggle down paths never taken and end up bruised, broken, and frankly exhausted.

Forging a new, undiscovered path can be exhilarating, yet at the same time devastating. The risk of traveling the road not taken is that it may lead you into a desert, through impassible terrain, or even over a cliff.

Instead of taking a road never taken, travel a well-worn path, when possible, where profit models are proven. Then when you’ve modeled after successful pioneers, veer off the path and claim your own territory and unique value proposition.

You’ll find that resources will go further and revenue will generate much quicker.

The Lie of Overnight Success

Success has a price and it isn’t cheap. Success is bought with a currency that is invisible to outsiders.

Others may see your success but they won’t see your grit. They won’t see the obstacles you’ve overcome, the private excruciating battles you’ve fought, or the inner demons you’ve conquered.

Success sold as an overnight success is a lie. Success comes through grit, over time, with real effort, by consistently applying true principles.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is like this

Innovation and entrepreneurship can be a scary, thrilling, and an extremely hair-raising ride.  At times you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff, and having to trust the “rope”.  The thrill is real.  The reward can be the money, but more than the money is the knowing you’ve challenged yourself to new heights, and experienced something that few others dare. Innovation is to be bold, daring, and different.  It’s to look at something, like this arch, and find a new way to experience it.