Races Don’t Have Ties

At the end of the day, a winner is always selected.

Whether it be a presidential candidate, a sport, or even a job opening at the office, there will never be a tie.

When ten or twenty teams play for a championship only one team wins. When dozens of job applicants are interviewed for one job position only one candidate is selected.

Sometimes you win, many times you lose. In fact, most of the time you lose.

Even if you lose, you can still win, if you choose to win.

You can see pain at a catalyst for growth. You can see setback as perspective. You can see obstacles as the raw materials for growth.

When you play to win, you grow, even when you lose.

When you set a goal to lose twenty pounds and you lose only seventeen you still win. When you start a business you may not succeed but you’ll learn, be stretched, and become stronger.

When you run a marathon, you’ll most likely not take first but you’ll still win.

Challenge yourself, think big and bold, and take risks. That’s how you’ll succeed.

Ideas Don’t Get Things Done

Everything around us was built by someone: the roads we travel, the phones we use, the house that keeps us warm, and the technology that connects us.

Human creativity and innovation have shaped our world for the better.

First someone had an idea. Then they went to work.

They worked with tenacity towards creating that vision. They didn’t listen to the internal voice that told them it couldn’t be done. They didn’t listen to other voices telling them it wasn’t possible.

They figured out how to build it. They raised money to produce it. They worked when others weren’t working. They often worked without reward. They fought through obstacles big and small.

Ideas don’t get things done.

It’s the execution of the idea that makes things better. Ideas can inspire but tenacious action creates change.

The world needs your usefulness. The world needs you to follow through on your ideas.

Breaking the 4-Minute Mile and Why You Should Care

Excerpt from my next book Mind Traps: Escape the Chains That Hold Your Future Hostage

The mental chains that hold your better life hostage can be cut. New habits of thought can be built.

The way you think now can be taken to a whole new level of performance. Your mind can be trained to solve problems, be happy, build a greater life, and more. Your mind can be harnessed to take focused and laser actions that produce greater results.

This isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

For years runners believed the 4-minute mile could never be broken. It was a barrier that seemed beyond reach. Mentally, most runners believed that it was impossible. Yet Roger Bannister broke the barrier on May 6th, 1954.

Then his record was beat 45 days later.

What your mind tells you is impossible is many times absolutely untrue. As much as we would like to believe our minds, they often imprison us.

The experiences we’ve had, the books we’ve read, and the people we surround ourselves will all mold the plasticity of our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible.

I’m here to declare that many of the limiting beliefs that are a part of you, whether “learned” through experience or shaped by friends, family, or colleagues simply aren’t true. They are lies. They are traps of the most vicious kind.

You can’t even fathom your potential. Here and there you may have seen glimpses of the real you. Little sparks of insight that have given you small pieces of how you can use your gifts and talents to built, lift, and create, both professionally and personally.

Whatever education and skill sets you’ve already developed, your impact can be taken to the next level.

Now I’m not saying this is all easy. There are a lot of people who will try and sell you the latest overnight quick fix.

You have to pay the price for greatness. I can’t teach or coach desire, but with desire amazing outcomes are possible. Desire can be shaped and molded, focused and trained. Add in proven principles and the right tools and you’re odds of success go up exponentially as you take the best possible actions.

Comfort is NOT the goal

While comfort is nice, it isn’t the goal. Nothing was ever built through idleness. The abundance we enjoy as a society is a direct result of the vision, productivity, and action of people around us.

The achiever who masses great amounts of wealth quickly suffers from boredom after just a few months of beach and vacations. Our souls need productivity and impact.

Fulfillment is that feeling that comes when we have accomplished some important or significant task. When we rest our heads on our pillow at the end of the day and know we’ve brought value to the world.

The goal of life is not to get out of work but rather to increase your impact. To own what we do and the results we create. To be in motion creating value.

The goal is to ever expand your abilities, skill set and capabilities so that you can seize new opportunities and take on more responsibilities and leadership. As you stay in motion and take bold, focused actions your future will be greater and your income will expand.

What You Become is Much More Valuable Than What You Achieve

One of Dan Kennedy’s earliest mentors taught him that the path to become a millionaire was less about the money and more about the person you were compelled to become.

Dan mentioned, as well, that you can’t long pursue that goal without learning and developing resilience. Being resilient far out-weighs the value of a million dollars in your bank account.

I was sitting around with the family last night and shared this thought with my 16-year old son Josh and now I’m sharing it with all of you.

What you become is much more valuable than what you achieve but without going after a bigger vision you’ll never know what you can become; and what you can become is certainly more than you are now.