Are You a Leader?

Leaders see a vision and make it their north start.
Leaders persuade others to follow that vision.
Leaders put in the work…the hard work.
Leaders lift and serve.
Leaders inspire action.
Leaders inspire greatness.
Leaders fight the inner battles to get the external results.
Leaders play bold and big.
Leaders create deadlines and are accountable.
Leaders listen and learn.

Are you a leader? How can you be a better leader?

The Other Side of Resistance

The Other Side of Resistance

Have you ever been a part of a winning team? You know, those times when results just seem to flow. Money, success, or a winning streak…when you’re in the groove it just seems to work.

It’s in these moments when you collect the harvest.

Other times, life is more like clearing land. Out behind your house there are massive, gnarly trees as far as you can see. Every day you bust your butt and end each day tired, exhausted, and at times frustrated.

When life gets tough don’t stop doing the work.

At times, we can all have the tendency to give up, quit, and leave. What if you pushed through the pain and exhaustion, even when you didn’t want to? Would you be better off?

Would the tenacity to work through the pain make you strong? Would it give you greater empathy for others who struggle for their dreams? Would it give you emotional resilience? That kind of fight in your soul attracts opportunity like moths to a flame.

When life gets hard, don’t stop doing the work.

Your dreams are on the other side of the resistance.

The World Needs Your Greatness

Every day is an opportunity to impact another life. Every day you can leverage your greatness in the service of others.

Powerful people know their greatness. Confidence is contagious and wields an unseen force.

Because greatness can be defined in so many ways, I’m going to offer you my definition.

Greatness is the tenacity and determination to discover the
best version of you and use it in the service of others

Let’s break this down.

Tenacity and Determination

Another way you could say tenacity and determination is courage. Courage is the ability to push through difficult things.  Yes, even when you don’t feel like it.  Especially when you don’t feel like it.

When you’re building a greater life, expect setbacks, problems, and challenging moments. By no means am I implying that you should focus on these setbacks and challenges but understand that they are part of the game. When you level up your life, new bad guys will appear.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is a professional knows the challenges will come.

Many of the toughest battles you will face will be within the walls of your own heart and mind. They are unseen to neighbors, friends, or colleague.

As you persevere and go after a goal, others will ask you the secret to your success and you’ll find difficulty explaining it because it’s been a process, not a tactic.

They only see the front stage performance. The real secret was the back stage personal triumphs.

Discover the Best Version of You

Self-discovery is a journey. Each of us is born with innate and unique ways that we think and respond to situations and events (some positive and some are negative). You have unique talents, skills, and abilities. I believe you even have genius.

You have ways in which your choices and experiences make you unique. I also believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. With that heritage you were born for a mission, if you choose to accept it. God knows your greatness, you are only discovering it.

As you embark on the quest to discover the best version of you and use your unique identity to create value in the world around you, abundance on many levels will follow.

Perspective is an interesting thing. You don’t understand your true potential. You can’t see your complete worth and value, or what you’re completely capable of.  Now is the time to pick a direction and go.  It’s time to unleash your inner greatness.

Recent brain research on the science of neuroplasticity teaches us that the brain can change, at any age. This means that we can shape our minds, thoughts, and actions in ways that make us better.

While willpower, passion, and drive may get you going, your brain can actually change and create new habits of thinking that support the newer, better, and upgraded version of yourself. This means that momentum can be sustained and systematized. It’s not just a hope or a wish.  It can become a reality.

You can constantly be reinventing yourself and your potential isn’t capped by a ceiling.

It’s amazing to me that so many desire great amounts of wealth but don’t value their own value and contribution. One of the first steps in wealth creation is discovering and then courageously believing in your own value.

In the Service of Others

Many have taken on the quest for the best-version of themselves but along the path become lost in the selfish world of self-absorption. Their world becomes about them.

Great leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, and innovators recognize that their skills, abilities, and unique experiences (good and bad) can be leveraged to lift, inspire, teach, and strengthen.

As your innate desire for growth combines with your unique skills and talents you bring can bring dynamic value to others. Value creation is frontier of limitless opportunity.

Money and economies flow through value creation. The key to financial independence and ever increasing net worth comes not from hoarding money but from ever increasing your value creation for others. And of course your value creation needs to be put into sustainable economic engines, but that’s a topic for another day.

In conclusion, greatness is within reach. The best version of you is waiting to be discovered. Others are unknowingly waiting for the value your greatness will bring to them.

Embrace your greatness. Cultivate and nurture it. Protect it and fight for it.

The world needs you.

The Greater Future

Let me give you a formula on how you can create, what I call, the greater future. As you create this future there is a required mindset. If apply this formula, it will bring dramatic results.

It isn’t a quick fix but it is a pattern to build your abundance and success over time.

The goal in life is not to get out of work; but rather, to develop ever increasing skills, mental abilities, and productivity; and then to employ your unique qualities and genius in the service of others.

As you understand who you are and then deliver greater and greater value to the lives of others, greater compensation can follow.  As you increase your level of responsibility, impact and influence can occur.

This could mean better relationships, more income, increased  influence, and more impact in the causes that you believe in.

Here is another way the formula can be expressed.

Focus on gaining ever increasing levels of ability so you can seize leadership opportunities, which equals your greater future.

The focus is to not skip school or work. It’s not to go hide on the beach. It’s not to go have comfort, but rather to be able to push yourself to new levels and to have more and more influence and impact.

As you do so, that’s how personal economics increase, whether you’re on your own in a solo or a small business, or even a larger business where there’s more infrastructure. You get that way by increasing your skill set, your mindset, the ability you have to solve problems, and innovate along the way.

The same principles apply with your health and your significant relationships.  You gain more and more abilities to take more and more responsibility.

You can’t cheat your way to long-term success.  Short-term success will crumble if not built on correct principles.

Comfort is NOT the goal

While comfort is nice, it isn’t the goal. Nothing was ever built through idleness. The abundance we enjoy as a society is a direct result of the vision, productivity, and action of people around us.

The achiever who masses great amounts of wealth quickly suffers from boredom after just a few months of beach and vacations. Our souls need productivity and impact.

Fulfillment is that feeling that comes when we have accomplished some important or significant task. When we rest our heads on our pillow at the end of the day and know we’ve brought value to the world.

The goal of life is not to get out of work but rather to increase your impact. To own what we do and the results we create. To be in motion creating value.

The goal is to ever expand your abilities, skill set and capabilities so that you can seize new opportunities and take on more responsibilities and leadership. As you stay in motion and take bold, focused actions your future will be greater and your income will expand.

The Incubator of Greatness

Greatness is within you but it must be cultivated. It must be consistently nurtured.

Surround yourself with books and people who elevate you. Charge your batteries with great ideas and people who not only aspire, but accomplish great things.

Greatness doesn’t always have to be found in massive and sweeping accomplishments but can be in a simple and powerful personal conversations. Greatness can be found in listening and connecting, in being present and really serving.

What are you doing with your free time? How much T.V. do you watch?

What can you do to incubate your greatness?