Are You a Leader?

Leaders see a vision and make it their north start.
Leaders persuade others to follow that vision.
Leaders put in the work…the hard work.
Leaders lift and serve.
Leaders inspire action.
Leaders inspire greatness.
Leaders fight the inner battles to get the external results.
Leaders play bold and big.
Leaders create deadlines and are accountable.
Leaders listen and learn.

Are you a leader? How can you be a better leader?

The Divide Between Management and Employees

Optimally, you work in an organization that is constantly growing, adapting to new threats, and has a great business culture. Most likely, 8 of 10 that see this post aren’t having that experience.

Sometimes management is doing things the same old way and is isolated and “walled off” from the employees. They are managers and not leaders.

Sometimes employees are seen as parts to a system and are not seen as people. This type of culture creates employees that are there for the paycheck and certainly not for the passion. If something better came along, they would certainly move one.

Another scenario is that decisions “with great intent” are made by management but are off the mark. Many employees know the project is doomed to fail before launch because they are talking to the customers every day.

Great leaders know how to take down the walls and get the best from their employees. They see employees as valuable assets and connect. As new initiatives are brought forward they collaborate to make sure their new initiative is powerful and on target.

The divide between management and employees doesn’t need to be as wide as it often is.

Will You Heed Your Call to Greatness?

Do you hear it?  It’s the voice that whispers, “I want to be better”.

I’ve never met a person who at some level doesn’t want things to be better.  It’s an inherent desire that all are born with.

This voice is a call to greatness.  Happiness comes by heeding the call and aligning your daily actions and habits to it.   If you ignore the call you’ll never known what “might have been”.

Even worse is that the call becomes quieter and quieter the longer you ignore it.  With time, the flame of potential can slowly smother.

What’s your best self asking you to become?  Perhaps it’s a better father or mother.  Maybe it’s a better friend or leader.  Maybe it’s a person of more influence in a cause you are passionate about.  Maybe to find your niche in your career and pay the price to have a break-through year.

Heed the call.  It’s who you are.  It’s who you want to be.

Why Time is Misleading

How is it that everyone has the same amount of time yet has drastically different levels of productivity? Why do some create drastic results and others remain stuck.

Time is a gift that each of us is given. It’s an incredible resource that’s shared equally among all that live on this planet. It is ready and available to all.

Have you noticed how much you get accomplished when you have a deadline? Like when you’re leaving on vacation for a week.

Choose to make your time count.

I’m writing this while waiting for my daughter’s school play to start. Sometimes I write in little breaks I get during the day. There is almost always time.

The question is not if you have the time but how important it is to you.

What Leadership Is And Isn’t

Leadership isn’t about passing the heavy loads to those who you lead, it’s about working and creating something with others. You and them…together.

Leadership isn’t a promotion or a title, it’s demonstrated. A manager may get a title but doesn’t become a leader until others choose to follow and “buy in”.

Leadership isn’t a requirement, but an opportunity. Opportunity awaits for those who are willing to pay the price.

Great leadership isn’t about “fitting in,” but rather is about stepping out.

Leadership doesn’t turn on at 9am and off at 5pm, it’s a load that requires constant engagement.

The world needs more great leaders, not because it is required but because excellence demands it.

Leadership Isn’t About “Fitting In”

Great leaders often quit “fitting in” with the crowd. They see and experience things differently. They discuss great ideas and visions that rise above the day-to-day.

Leadership is a path that the masses don’t take. It is a path that is full of hours of learning, collaborating, and implementation. It is the pursuit of results, not simply theory.

Great leadership is greatness in thought and action. The price of greatness cannot be measured by a time clock.

It’s a willingness to ask difficult questions and work toward finding hidden answers. It’s a way of living and not a one day action plan.

Great leaders are desperately needed. Are you willing to pay the price?