The Casualties of Innovation

• Horses were replaced by cars
• The telegraph was replaced by the phone
• CDs are being replaced by digital downloads
• Blockbuster is being replaced by Redbox and Netflix

No matter your current status in the marketplace, if you aren’t innovating you’re being left behind. What works today may not work next year, next month or even tomorrow.

Innovation is a mindset and culture within your organization. Innovative organizations thrive and adapt, despite the constant changing business landscape.

Does your organization constantly ask what is working well?
Does your business consistently ask what isn’t working?
Are you willing to ask hard questions in order to get to truth?
Do you adapt and change quickly based on new marketplace realities?
Are your events, products, and services consistently getting better?

Why I Was Surprised at 4:47am

My son, who is a life guard at the local recreation center and doesn’t have his driver’s license yet, had to be to work this morning at 4:45am to open the two-hour shift that started at 5am. I normally arrive at the gym (on good days) at 5:10am. For years, I’ve seen the hours of operation on the front door – “Open at 5am”.

At 4:47am, when I pulled up to drop him off (my plan was to wait in the car for fifteen minutes), I saw people already lifting weights through the windows. I dropped my son off at the front and then parked and went in myself, earlier than normal.

I asked the woman at the front desk what time she opened at she remarked “4:30am.” I sure was happy that I could go right in and start my workout.

My expectations were exceeded and I was thrilled. In your work today, ask yourself how you are managing the expectations of your clients and customers. How about with the people you care most about? How can you do better?