Your Voice Matters

Some say that your vote doesn’t count. Some say that you’ll never be heard.

Your voice matters more than you realize. It matters to your children, your employees, your congregation, and your friends.

Your voice can solve an issue that sometimes only you can see. Your voice can heal a heart that only you can reach. Your voice can shape a child who needs to know they are loved. Your voice can sell a product that solves a major problem.

Real change begins when people just like you share their voice. Your voice is unique. Your voice is powerful.

Are you playing small?

We all worry that when we speak we won’t be heard or that nobody will care.

The question is not if you’ll be heard but who will hear you. No, the real question is who needs to hear you.

How to Cultivate and Protect Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come natural for most people.  Most people pretend they have it on the surface but deep down they have very little.  Here are a few strategies on how to cultivate and protect it.

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You want to increase your confidence so you can:

-Have resiliency so that when setbacks come, you jump right back up
-Believe in your own unique abilities and skill sets
-Have an unwavering belief in your purpose and mission
-Build your greater future

For most people, confidence must be cultivated.

When you cultivate your confidence you start to protect the things you are successful at and the things you are doing well.  Everyone one of us has things we are doing well, but we must acknowledge them.

Sometimes these are:

-Encouraging words to a son or daughter
-Powerful words to our spouse or co-workers
-A great decision we made at work
-Our ability to follow through
-A problem that we analyzed and then brought forward a solution

No matter what happens every single day there is SOMETHING that you can do to celebrate these wins.

Watch for specific details.



Breaking the 4-Minute Mile and Why You Should Care

Excerpt from my next book Mind Traps: Escape the Chains That Hold Your Future Hostage

The mental chains that hold your better life hostage can be cut. New habits of thought can be built.

The way you think now can be taken to a whole new level of performance. Your mind can be trained to solve problems, be happy, build a greater life, and more. Your mind can be harnessed to take focused and laser actions that produce greater results.

This isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

For years runners believed the 4-minute mile could never be broken. It was a barrier that seemed beyond reach. Mentally, most runners believed that it was impossible. Yet Roger Bannister broke the barrier on May 6th, 1954.

Then his record was beat 45 days later.

What your mind tells you is impossible is many times absolutely untrue. As much as we would like to believe our minds, they often imprison us.

The experiences we’ve had, the books we’ve read, and the people we surround ourselves will all mold the plasticity of our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible.

I’m here to declare that many of the limiting beliefs that are a part of you, whether “learned” through experience or shaped by friends, family, or colleagues simply aren’t true. They are lies. They are traps of the most vicious kind.

You can’t even fathom your potential. Here and there you may have seen glimpses of the real you. Little sparks of insight that have given you small pieces of how you can use your gifts and talents to built, lift, and create, both professionally and personally.

Whatever education and skill sets you’ve already developed, your impact can be taken to the next level.

Now I’m not saying this is all easy. There are a lot of people who will try and sell you the latest overnight quick fix.

You have to pay the price for greatness. I can’t teach or coach desire, but with desire amazing outcomes are possible. Desire can be shaped and molded, focused and trained. Add in proven principles and the right tools and you’re odds of success go up exponentially as you take the best possible actions.

How Your Mind is Like a Muscle

Excerpt from my next book Mind Traps: Escape the Chains That Hold Your Future Hostage

Science used to think that after a person matured and became an adult the mind was basically “stuck” (don’t you love the official term). You had what you had at that point, and there was no amount of effort that could change the brain.

In the book Rewire Your Brain, John B. Arden, Ph.D. says:

“There is a revolution occurring in brain science. Not long ago it was thought that the brain you were born with was the brain you would die with and that the brain cells you had at birth were the maximum number you would ever possess. The brain was thought to be hardwired to function in predetermined ways. It turns out that this is not true. The brain is not hardwired; it’s “soft-wired” by experience.”

Although genetics plays a role in our potential, our desires and attitude are powerful scripts for our future performances. The mind can be molded and cultivated, shaped and trained.

This ground-breaking science further explores neuroplasticity, which are how the neurons in the brain connect to each other as we experience life.

In my opinion, the most important concept that comes from the research is that the mind is like a muscle. Through workouts muscles can become stronger, quicker, and resilient. Muscles need good nutrition and consistent opportunity to be stretched, nurtured, and pushed.

Your mind is similar. Through training, your mind can become stronger and more resilient. Memory can be improved, habits can be reshaped, willpower can be strengthened. Your thoughts can become a powerful and purposeful tool at your disposal. New patterns of thinking can be implemented that support you values, vision, and actions; all of which leads to more sustainable and higher levels of performance.

Breaking the Code of the Mind

When I truly started to understand how my mind worked but also how I could train my mindsets and thought patterns to drive success and results, I felt like I had broken the code.

I felt like anything was possible.

See, thoughts drive every part of our lives.  They are the dominos that drive our actions and our results.

It’s a little more complicated than that due to the deeper thought patterns and subroutines, but I’ll get more into that later.

While I’m not an Einstein and most likely, you’re not either, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t brilliant or have genius.

In fact, your mind can be trained to do incredible things and lead your actions towards incredible results.

Think about it.

•    A dentist trains his body and mind to perform very difficult and precise work.
•    A great basketball player trains her mind and body to work automatically to play defense, shoot free-throws, and score points.
•    An actor trains his body to memorize vast dialogue and sequences.

Science used to think that after a person matured and became an adult the mind was basically “stuck” (don’t you love the official term).  You had, what you had at that point and there was no amount of effort that could change the brain.

But recent science in the last 20 years or so has broken that myth apart.  Basically, with the right desires, tools, and actions, a person can create new neural pathways.

Exert from my newest book under construction called  “Mind Traps”

You Can’t Always Trust Your Brain

You can’t always trust your brain. While an invaluable tool (for those who choose to use it), your mind doesn’t always give great advice.

-It’s too hard
-I can’t do it
-I’m not strong enough
-I’m not talented enough
-I’m not a leader
-I’m not a salesman
-I’m not smart enough
-I’m not good looking

I could go on but you get the point. Your mind can be full of excuses and in many, many cases it is completely wrong.

Those who become powerful influencers use the mind as a tool to weigh options, make decisions, solve problems, and serve others. They also learn when to ignore the voices that don’t come from the best self.

Use your brain, but don’t listen to every piece of advice it gives you. It can be a powerful tool or a father of lies.