Happiness Does Not Orbit Success

Work hard, achieve more, then happiness will follow.  This is a bold and powerful lie but is deep within the psyche of many cultures around the world.

Happiness does not orbit success.  Contrary to popular belief, success orbits happiness.

Study after study shows that people who are happy have more success, are more productive in the workplace, solve problems more quickly and effectively, and even see opportunity more clearly.

Happiness is a mindset that can be trained. Some come hard wired to think happy but the majority of us have to learn it.

By training the software programs in your mind to be happy not only will your quality of life go through the roof, but your relationships will exponentially get better, your ability to lead will grow, and your ability to attract opportunity will increase.

Perspective is a Gateway to Change

Change is the word that so many fear, yet so many need. Change is often seen as so daunting due to our limited perspective.

Organizations innovate and change when they see something different. When they are willing to challenge the current mindset and to see perspectives outside their box.

Leaders in thriving organizations must also be willing to challenge their own mindsets and actions, constantly adapting to new opportunities and threats. Leaders who are personally “stuck” will find that trust erodes as their team sees what needs to change but isn’t.

Great innovators constantly strive to gain new and differing perspectives on the way things could function better, but also are pragmatic enough to consistently focus on what is working and not lose focus.

The risk is that the dreams of better can take too many resources from “what is” but the opposing risk is that if the whirlwinds of daily business consume every resource, innovation will likely never happen.

Strive to get input on how others are running their business and constantly be adding new ideas into your daily routine and business culture. As new insights come due to new perspectives, innovation and change will naturally flow.