Movies Don’t Tell You the Full Story

In only two hours you see an entire story unfold right in front of your eyes. A hero struggles, faces insurmountable odds, and overcomes in just minutes.

The epic story in the movie is years in real life.

Picture the hero in the movie working hard to train for the big fight or battle, usually depicted in about 5-8 minutes of screen time. No wonder so many go to the gym and give up in 2 weeks when the results don’t come that they want.

The 5-8 minutes of training in a movie can be 6 months or more off the big screen.

It can be very easy (been there) to feel entitled to the “good life” without spending the currency to get there. The currency is earned through months and years of work, effort, and persistence.

Remember that you’re writing your own epic story and it will be written over a lifetime, not in two hours.