Why Intelligent Rebels Make Great Innovators

Picture with rebel articleJust because someone makes a rule, doesn’t mean you need to follow it. A lot of dumb rules exist. Rules are meant for the masses.

For example: At the hotel gym the sign in the exercise room said, “At First Sign of Discomfort, Discontinue Use”.

Are you kidding me! If I lived my life by that rule, I wouldn’t get out of bed every day!

Rebels are willing to see life outside the box. They challenge, confront, and are willing to dismiss current reality. Taken to its extreme, rebellion without intelligence can be stupid.

Intelligent rebels are willing to ask the question “Why?” and follow principles, not rules. Principles help, not hinder progress.

Innovators know how to use their inner rebel to build and grow. They challenge the status quo by building on good principles, knowledge, and information.