How Focusing On Your Weaknesses May Be Undermining Your Success

How Focusing On Your Weaknesses May Be Undermining Your Success

See your weaknesses…
Focus on them…
Make them better…

This is one path to improvement and it’s a difficult journey, especially if it’s the exclusive road you travel. Consistently refining those weak parts of your personality and skills is a hard path; a rewarding one -but slow, difficult, and very time consuming.

With time those weaknesses can become strengths, but with a great deal of trial and work.

Another path, which is highly effective and much more fun is to discover your strengths and abilities, and then leverage them. In most cases your strengths give you tremendous energy and passion.

Have you ever dove into a project and the hours just flew by. It usually happens when you’re doing something you love combined with something that your naturally very good at. Combine those with something you get paid for and you have a very, very powerful combination.

For me it’s writing, teaching, inspiring, and innovating. If I build my day around those four activities, life is euphoric. If I do these disciplines each day, life flows. As I’ve structured the way I make a living around these, abundance flows.

When you build on your strengths, momentum and confidence is maximized. When you focus on harnessing what you naturally do best you become energized and passionate.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators learn their strengths and uncover their genius. Then they learn to leverage them. Because they are using their unique skills and abilities, others around them recognize this expertise and genius.

When you work in your genius you get the best results for the least effort.

Then they learn to delegate those things that don’t fit into this window of excellence. They surround themselves with highly proficient and effective teams. In an optimal setting you focus on those things you do well, and your team members each focus on what they do well. Together the entire team is leveraged through their natural strengths.

This is a powerful way to live, lead, and thrive. My advice is to always be improving your weaknesses but ultimately focus the majority of your energy on first discovering and then leveraging your strengths.

The Greater Future

Let me give you a formula on how you can create, what I call, the greater future. As you create this future there is a required mindset. If apply this formula, it will bring dramatic results.

It isn’t a quick fix but it is a pattern to build your abundance and success over time.

The goal in life is not to get out of work; but rather, to develop ever increasing skills, mental abilities, and productivity; and then to employ your unique qualities and genius in the service of others.

As you understand who you are and then deliver greater and greater value to the lives of others, greater compensation can follow.  As you increase your level of responsibility, impact and influence can occur.

This could mean better relationships, more income, increased  influence, and more impact in the causes that you believe in.

Here is another way the formula can be expressed.

Focus on gaining ever increasing levels of ability so you can seize leadership opportunities, which equals your greater future.

The focus is to not skip school or work. It’s not to go hide on the beach. It’s not to go have comfort, but rather to be able to push yourself to new levels and to have more and more influence and impact.

As you do so, that’s how personal economics increase, whether you’re on your own in a solo or a small business, or even a larger business where there’s more infrastructure. You get that way by increasing your skill set, your mindset, the ability you have to solve problems, and innovate along the way.

The same principles apply with your health and your significant relationships.  You gain more and more abilities to take more and more responsibility.

You can’t cheat your way to long-term success.  Short-term success will crumble if not built on correct principles.

Rewards Don’t Always Come

Sometimes the person with the ground-breaking idea doesn’t get the credit.  Sometimes no one will thank you.

Sometimes life gives you pain instead of pleasure.  Sometimes the promotion goes to the less qualified.

Sometimes no one cares about your personal battles.  Sometimes you’ll be taken advantage of.

Here’s a lesson that’s taken me way too long to learn:  You can’t control outcomes, you can only control effort.  Happiness comes by not what happens but how you choose to react.

Life isn’t about avoiding all pain and work, but it’s much more effective to show up with your best self, despite the circumstances.

Those who end up creating businesses and accumulating money have learned to push through the obstacles and the down times.  They have them just like anyone else, but they push through.

As you focus on what you can control, who you serve, what you’re learning, and who you’re loving, your career and life can be an amazing experience.

The Tension of Delegation

One of the most powerful skills you can develop as an innovator is to know when to do something yourself or find someone else more competent to complete the task. There is constant tension between what resources you currently have and what others on your team can do for you.

Sometimes this team can be others within your organization and sometimes outside vendors.

In business, decide what your time is worth and when you are most effective, and then start to delegate those tasks and projects that others can do for you.   No matter your station in life, don’t try to wear every hat life has to offer.

You’ll find yourself overwhelmed, ineffective, and frustrated. Find others that you can align to your vision and create momentum by focusing on what you do best and learn to trust that others can increase your speed and effectiveness.