The Greater Future

Let me give you a formula on how you can create, what I call, the greater future. As you create this future there is a required mindset. If apply this formula, it will bring dramatic results.

It isn’t a quick fix but it is a pattern to build your abundance and success over time.

The goal in life is not to get out of work; but rather, to develop ever increasing skills, mental abilities, and productivity; and then to employ your unique qualities and genius in the service of others.

As you understand who you are and then deliver greater and greater value to the lives of others, greater compensation can follow.  As you increase your level of responsibility, impact and influence can occur.

This could mean better relationships, more income, increased  influence, and more impact in the causes that you believe in.

Here is another way the formula can be expressed.

Focus on gaining ever increasing levels of ability so you can seize leadership opportunities, which equals your greater future.

The focus is to not skip school or work. It’s not to go hide on the beach. It’s not to go have comfort, but rather to be able to push yourself to new levels and to have more and more influence and impact.

As you do so, that’s how personal economics increase, whether you’re on your own in a solo or a small business, or even a larger business where there’s more infrastructure. You get that way by increasing your skill set, your mindset, the ability you have to solve problems, and innovate along the way.

The same principles apply with your health and your significant relationships.  You gain more and more abilities to take more and more responsibility.

You can’t cheat your way to long-term success.  Short-term success will crumble if not built on correct principles.

What Abundance is Teaches Us That is Wrong

If you want to talk to a friend you text them. If you want to know a restaurant in the area, you google it.

If you have a craving for something sweet, you grab some ice cream. If you want entertainment, you stream your favorite show or catch the newest movie.

The abundance around us is teaching us that anything we want we can get almost instantly.

The problem is that it just isn’t true…especially in most important areas of our life. We have abundance because someone was willing to pay the price.

Great marriages and families are built intentionally through years of effort and dedication. Greatness comes to the surface through a continuous commitment to ideals, through good times and bad.

A healthy and in shape body comes through months of work and effort and saying no. Great income and impact have an unseen price, usually decades of effort and tenacity.

Overnight success is a myth. If you want great relationships, a healthy body, and great income, you have to be willing to pay the price.


Why You Shouldn’t Travel the Road Never Taken

Pioneering a new concept, idea, or company can be unbelievably slow. Many innovators struggle down paths never taken and end up bruised, broken, and frankly exhausted.

Forging a new, undiscovered path can be exhilarating, yet at the same time devastating. The risk of traveling the road not taken is that it may lead you into a desert, through impassible terrain, or even over a cliff.

Instead of taking a road never taken, travel a well-worn path, when possible, where profit models are proven. Then when you’ve modeled after successful pioneers, veer off the path and claim your own territory and unique value proposition.

You’ll find that resources will go further and revenue will generate much quicker.

The Lie of Overnight Success

Success has a price and it isn’t cheap. Success is bought with a currency that is invisible to outsiders.

Others may see your success but they won’t see your grit. They won’t see the obstacles you’ve overcome, the private excruciating battles you’ve fought, or the inner demons you’ve conquered.

Success sold as an overnight success is a lie. Success comes through grit, over time, with real effort, by consistently applying true principles.

Today, I Begin a New Day

There is tremendous opportunity in a day.   I seize this day.  I want to live it.  I get to live it.

In my darkest and most dreadful hours a new gift has always been given; a new day and a new moment in time.  Today is a blank page in my book of life and I’m writing an epic story.

Stories are not great because of perfect pasts but are full of conflict, problems, and pain.  Heroes are forged in adversity and find their power through the adversity.  I choose to overcome adversity.

I vividly see a vision of a brighter horizon and move with purpose toward it.  I know that great destinations are rarely reached in a day but today, when I complete my day’s journey, I will be closer to my destination.

When the story of this day is written, it will be filled with bold steps, profound insights, and sweeping transformation.  As obstacles come toward me, I will fight through them –  no matter their size and scope.  Though I may be bruised and broken I will give it my all, for tomorrow will be a new day.

Today, I will let my past sleep and my future wait. My future will be found in the actions of today.  Each moment of this day provides the opportunity to decide.  I will decide what I think and how I act.  My best self will make every decision and action.  Today, I choose to intentionally create my ideal future.

Today, I will conquer the darkness within me and overcome.    In past days I’ve learned that darkness follows selfish acts.  Darkness consumes and leaves wakes of destruction in its path.  Today, I reject darkness and all that it stands for.

I wake and look into the sun and say, “Let there be light.”  I choose to see light.  I see the light in my children and family.  I choose to see the light in friends and colleagues.  No matter what chaos and darkness surround me I will see light and learn from the situation.

I boldly awake with anticipation of the people I will meet and serve.  I give more value than I consume.  My best-self rejects mediocrity and success at the expense of others.

I will find success because I have given.  When I give I live true to the greatness found within me.

Today, I choose to love completely and give everything I have to the people who are put in my path.  For I know that my greatest joy will come from contribution.  To contribute and be of use to those around me feeds my soul.

Today I’ve been given the gift of time – 86,400 seconds and 1,440 minutes.  What will I do will this time?  Will I use it to indulge in selfishness and self-gratification, or will I use this time to lift, inspire, and deliver value?  I choose to lift, inspire, and deliver value because I want to,  I get to.

Today, I will be grateful for who I am and the abilities I have.  I cannot be anything more than what I am and who I am is enough.

As I close this day I will look back with gratitude and remember what I have learned.  I will acknowledge the opportunities I’ve seized and service I’ve given.  With satisfaction my head will rest on my pillow and I’ll say to myself, “Today, I created my best day.”