Today, I Begin a New Day

There is tremendous opportunity in a day.   I seize this day.  I want to live it.  I get to live it.

In my darkest and most dreadful hours a new gift has always been given; a new day and a new moment in time.  Today is a blank page in my book of life and I’m writing an epic story.

Stories are not great because of perfect pasts but are full of conflict, problems, and pain.  Heroes are forged in adversity and find their power through the adversity.  I choose to overcome adversity.

I vividly see a vision of a brighter horizon and move with purpose toward it.  I know that great destinations are rarely reached in a day but today, when I complete my day’s journey, I will be closer to my destination.

When the story of this day is written, it will be filled with bold steps, profound insights, and sweeping transformation.  As obstacles come toward me, I will fight through them –  no matter their size and scope.  Though I may be bruised and broken I will give it my all, for tomorrow will be a new day.

Today, I will let my past sleep and my future wait. My future will be found in the actions of today.  Each moment of this day provides the opportunity to decide.  I will decide what I think and how I act.  My best self will make every decision and action.  Today, I choose to intentionally create my ideal future.

Today, I will conquer the darkness within me and overcome.    In past days I’ve learned that darkness follows selfish acts.  Darkness consumes and leaves wakes of destruction in its path.  Today, I reject darkness and all that it stands for.

I wake and look into the sun and say, “Let there be light.”  I choose to see light.  I see the light in my children and family.  I choose to see the light in friends and colleagues.  No matter what chaos and darkness surround me I will see light and learn from the situation.

I boldly awake with anticipation of the people I will meet and serve.  I give more value than I consume.  My best-self rejects mediocrity and success at the expense of others.

I will find success because I have given.  When I give I live true to the greatness found within me.

Today, I choose to love completely and give everything I have to the people who are put in my path.  For I know that my greatest joy will come from contribution.  To contribute and be of use to those around me feeds my soul.

Today I’ve been given the gift of time – 86,400 seconds and 1,440 minutes.  What will I do will this time?  Will I use it to indulge in selfishness and self-gratification, or will I use this time to lift, inspire, and deliver value?  I choose to lift, inspire, and deliver value because I want to,  I get to.

Today, I will be grateful for who I am and the abilities I have.  I cannot be anything more than what I am and who I am is enough.

As I close this day I will look back with gratitude and remember what I have learned.  I will acknowledge the opportunities I’ve seized and service I’ve given.  With satisfaction my head will rest on my pillow and I’ll say to myself, “Today, I created my best day.”

The Power in Simply Getting Started

Dying with your song still in you.  Now that is agony.  Dying every day because a dream sits buried under piles of perceived impossibility,that’s torture.  It is a slow and painful death.

Torture for the most part is an internal pain.  The greatest battles we all face are within the walls of our own hearts.

I love possibility.  Not what someone else tells me is possible.  But rather what I know is possible.  In that gap is perhaps the secret to claiming happiness.

Happiness doesn’t come by seeing the vision of possibility but by claiming it.  Actions make possibility reality.

Start today toward your own possibility.  If you want to make more money, take steps today.  If you want to be a better parent, start today.  If you want to be a better musician, start today.  The irony is that tomorrow’s dream come true by acting today, not by acting tomorrow.  Why?  Because actions that you take tomorrow never seem to get implemented.

There are always opportunities to course correct, if you are moving.  No course correction occurs to a plane that sits idle on the runway.  Once it is flying adjustments can be made easily.

Start today, don’t wait for tomorrow, for today’s actions will create your tomorrow and make your possibility a reality.

Don’t Underestimate the Significance of an Inch

In the sometimes endless debate about what decision to make and what path to take there is something profound about simply taking your first step.  The distance to travel between where you are now and where you want to be will never decrease if the initial movement never starts.

Life has a way of rewarding the inch.

Horse races rarely go to the winner by the mile but often go to the winner by inches.  Insights that make companies and entrepreneurs millions come from seeing their customer’s needs just a little bit better than their competition.  The winning shot is just inches away from not being the winning shot.

Next time you feel like not reading any more, not learning any more, not eating a little healthier, or even trying a little harder, just think that just a little bit more may be the difference between reaching your dreams or falling short.

Life has a way of rewarding getting started, staying in motion, and doing just a little bit more.

Be an Opportunist

Just ran across this a month or so ago and I’ve thought quite a bit about it.

Dear Optimist, Pessimist, and Realist,

While you guys were arguing about the glass of water, I drank it.


The Opportunist

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is like this

Innovation and entrepreneurship can be a scary, thrilling, and an extremely hair-raising ride.  At times you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff, and having to trust the “rope”.  The thrill is real.  The reward can be the money, but more than the money is the knowing you’ve challenged yourself to new heights, and experienced something that few others dare. Innovation is to be bold, daring, and different.  It’s to look at something, like this arch, and find a new way to experience it.