Are You Living the Dream?

Are You Living the Dream?

Living the dream isn’t some distant fantasy that is achieved. We can live our dreams, starting today.

Many use dreams as an escape. They run scenarios and fantasies in their minds, never starting the work necessary to build a greater future.

They dream to escape the pain of the past and the present. Dreams become reality when you step into the pain and transform the pain into power.

Another obstacle may be the perceive expectation of perfection. Perfection is a trap that can hold your happiness hostage. It comes from a deep fear that worth and value comes from knowing it all, or having it all, and saying it without flaw.

The truth is that we all have pain, flaws, and imperfections. Moving forward despite those flaws, imperfections, and pain is true courage.

This is what it comes down to. He who takes the most action wins. Action is lean and quick while perfection is slow and methodical. Many times perfection kills dreams before they even have a chance to be watered and grown, let alone harvested.

Dreams and desires are wonderful and powerful. Having a clear vision of the future is the beginning. It is a seed that can be nourished and can bring a massive harvest and abundance.

Do you have your of dreams clearly identified? Traction comes from taking daily actions that are in alignment with your vision for the future. If you’re not going anywhere it’s because the rubber on your tire isn’t hitting the road.

If you don’t know the future you want to create, the actions you take won’t ever help you get there. Power and momentum will come into your life through focus and disciplined action. We build our futures starting today, every day.

I’ll end with three questions.

  • What are you doing to realize your dreams?
  • What actions are you taking today to create a greater future?
  • Who can you impact and serve today that can make that happen?

Comfort is NOT the goal

While comfort is nice, it isn’t the goal. Nothing was ever built through idleness. The abundance we enjoy as a society is a direct result of the vision, productivity, and action of people around us.

The achiever who masses great amounts of wealth quickly suffers from boredom after just a few months of beach and vacations. Our souls need productivity and impact.

Fulfillment is that feeling that comes when we have accomplished some important or significant task. When we rest our heads on our pillow at the end of the day and know we’ve brought value to the world.

The goal of life is not to get out of work but rather to increase your impact. To own what we do and the results we create. To be in motion creating value.

The goal is to ever expand your abilities, skill set and capabilities so that you can seize new opportunities and take on more responsibilities and leadership. As you stay in motion and take bold, focused actions your future will be greater and your income will expand.

What You Become is Much More Valuable Than What You Achieve

One of Dan Kennedy’s earliest mentors taught him that the path to become a millionaire was less about the money and more about the person you were compelled to become.

Dan mentioned, as well, that you can’t long pursue that goal without learning and developing resilience. Being resilient far out-weighs the value of a million dollars in your bank account.

I was sitting around with the family last night and shared this thought with my 16-year old son Josh and now I’m sharing it with all of you.

What you become is much more valuable than what you achieve but without going after a bigger vision you’ll never know what you can become; and what you can become is certainly more than you are now.