Just like a dog chases a cat, if you chase money it will hide, resist, and run. On the other hand, if you focus on creating value in the life of those around you it flows.

Money isn’t made by asking for money. It’s EXCHANGED by creating value, change, transformation, and utility in the lives of your customers or even your employer.

By focusing on value creation instead of only the money your brand takes on a whole new meaning. You’ll meet the needs of your customer, referrals will come easier, and repeat business will increase.

Ask yourself AND answer this question.

What is my customer why?

Then take this question deeper.

What keeps my customers up at night?
Why do my customers do business will me?
What needs do my customers have that I could meet?
Does my messaging match their why?

One things I’ve learned over the last eighteen years in business is that money flows when we stop thinking about “the money.” When we instead focus on those we are serving and how we can better serve them, magic happens.  Customers inherently know if you are real. Really concerned about them and bringing them value.