While comfort is nice, it isn’t the goal. Nothing was ever built through idleness. The abundance we enjoy as a society is a direct result of the vision, productivity, and action of people around us.

The achiever who masses great amounts of wealth quickly suffers from boredom after just a few months of beach and vacations. Our souls need productivity and impact.

Fulfillment is that feeling that comes when we have accomplished some important or significant task. When we rest our heads on our pillow at the end of the day and know we’ve brought value to the world.

The goal of life is not to get out of work but rather to increase your impact. To own what we do and the results we create. To be in motion creating value.

The goal is to ever expand your abilities, skill set and capabilities so that you can seize new opportunities and take on more responsibilities and leadership. As you stay in motion and take bold, focused actions your future will be greater and your income will expand.