Desires to become someone better are common but why do we often struggle to achieve what we desire? If it’s what we really want, why is the change so difficult? Any new project will hit roadblocks and to understand when and how they will show up can be vital to your success. Here are the possible roadblocks you may face:

1)      Getting Started – One of the greatest challenges when changing is understanding that it isn’t the “change” itself that is so hard, but rather the resistance to that change. Your mind can often create multiple reasons why you can’t accomplish something or why you should procrastinate before you ever get started.

2)      The Obstacle – Once you start down the path to change an obstacle surfaces that shows up differently than you anticipate. Plan on obstacles showing up. This can often derail you just after you begin.

3)      L.U.C.K. (Labor Under Correct Knowledge) – If you aren’t getting the results you want find experts that can help you adapt. Often people give up because they tap out their own level of knowledge and expertise when insights and answers are only a phone call or book away.

4)      The Finish Line – Be prepared to have the little voice in your head try to convince you that you’ve done enough before you reach your goal or objective. If you choose to listen you may end up just slightly short of the commitment you’ve made to yourself or others.

What other roadblocks have you encountered?