See your weaknesses…
Focus on them…
Make them better…

This is one path to improvement and it’s a difficult journey, especially if it’s the exclusive road you travel. Consistently refining those weak parts of your personality and skills is a hard path; a rewarding one -but slow, difficult, and very time consuming.

With time those weaknesses can become strengths, but with a great deal of trial and work.

Another path, which is highly effective and much more fun is to discover your strengths and abilities, and then leverage them. In most cases your strengths give you tremendous energy and passion.

Have you ever dove into a project and the hours just flew by. It usually happens when you’re doing something you love combined with something that your naturally very good at. Combine those with something you get paid for and you have a very, very powerful combination.

For me it’s writing, teaching, inspiring, and innovating. If I build my day around those four activities, life is euphoric. If I do these disciplines each day, life flows. As I’ve structured the way I make a living around these, abundance flows.

When you build on your strengths, momentum and confidence is maximized. When you focus on harnessing what you naturally do best you become energized and passionate.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators learn their strengths and uncover their genius. Then they learn to leverage them. Because they are using their unique skills and abilities, others around them recognize this expertise and genius.

When you work in your genius you get the best results for the least effort.

Then they learn to delegate those things that don’t fit into this window of excellence. They surround themselves with highly proficient and effective teams. In an optimal setting you focus on those things you do well, and your team members each focus on what they do well. Together the entire team is leveraged through their natural strengths.

This is a powerful way to live, lead, and thrive. My advice is to always be improving your weaknesses but ultimately focus the majority of your energy on first discovering and then leveraging your strengths.