What L.E.V.E.L. U.P. Really Means

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You’ll often hear me say that I’m here to help you level up your life. Each of us needs the constant voice that reminds and coaches us towards the potential that hasn’t yet been achieved. The best version of us is possible and is needed in business, our homes, and our communities.

In all areas of our lives, vast opportunity exists for greater happiness and results. This last week I sat down and puts some words to what level up really means to me and why I’ve adopted it as my focus for creating value in the lives of those around me.

L = Leadership through Productivity
E = Earning Power
V = Value Creation
E = Empathy
L = Learning Power

U = Understanding You
P = Power Sources

Leadership through Productivity

Often we resist opportunities to be in motion. As human beings we often desire idleness, thinking that is our ticket to happiness. The truth is that our goals and happiness are much more likely found through action, effort, and momentum. Productivity and results are the standard, not comfort.

Leadership is the natural bi-product of action. People naturally follow those who get results, make decisions, and are in motion. The results you get solidify your role as a leader.

Earning Power

Our ability to create personal income is directly tied to the level of impact we bring to the marketplace. The greater number of people you influence and help achieve their goals and solve their problems, the greater the dollars that can potentially flow into your life.

While a key to your earning power may be your degree, it certainly is no guarantee. Degrees open doors, but it’s your ability to bring utility and value creation to the work place and market place that will ultimately determine your financial life. Key principles can be implemented that can significantly increase your earning power over the course of your career.

Value Creation

In the economic marketplace, creating value is a way of viewing your relationship to those around you. Whether you own a company, lead the organization, or are an employee, your relationship to other employees and customers is the same. Your role is to create value.

As you focus on lifting those around you and practically making their lives better, you stay at the core of not only economic possibility but also human connection. Both in our private lives and careers, value creation is the way to elevate those around you and at the same time, lift ourselves in the process.


Empathy is key to leveling up your life. We often want to lift those around us but do so on our terms, in our own way, in our own timeline. This often creates disconnect, animosity, and distance.

Connection comes through empathy. Do we really love those around us? Or, do we see them as a tool to get what we want? The marketplace is seeking connection. Customers reward those who see, feel, and WANT to understand.

Humans crave connection, especially those you care about most. To the extent that you can see others as they really are and step into their world, your relationships will flourish.

Learning Power

Each day is school and life is the master teacher. You may have gone through school as I did, to pass the test, or to get the degree. Everything shifted in my life when I begin to see and learn every single day.

It isn’t that the lessons aren’t being taught that takes the time, it’s most often that we’re not looking for the answers. The teacher always delivers when the student is really ready to listen.

Every successful business leader and individual I have known is educated way beyond their degree. They surround themselves with best practices, read great books, and have mentors/coaches that shorten their learning curve and turn it into a power curve.

Understanding You

You’ve been given unique skills and talents that only you possess. You think and filter the world in a certain way. You’ve had experiences that nobody else with your set of unique skills and talents has experienced.

As you discover your unique skills and then leverage them abundance flows. Many focus almost exclusively on eliminating their weaknesses. Improving your weaknesses must be balanced with leveraging and leading with your strengths.

Much greater results in much less time can often be achieved by focusing your strengths and then creating teams of people who have other strengths that compliment yours.

Power Sources

Where do you get your inspiration and motivation? What recharges your batteries and brings you energy?

Choosing your power sources on purpose can revolutionize the results in your life. Surround yourself with greatness.