Your mind can be a powerful tool when used correctly but it can also hold you back and repel what you really want. Often our thoughts talk us out of something even before we start it.


• Thinking about a work project over and over again instead of starting it
• Excessive meetings and planning
• Remembering a person you need to call but putting it off because you don’t feel like it
• Contemplating that tough employee conversation over and over again that you keep avoiding
• Reflecting on what you’re going to do to build and then talking yourself out of it before you ever start it


• Sitting on the couch instead of going to the gym
• Playing on Facebook instead of creating a meaningful experience with your children
• Watch a movie instead of working in the yard

The problem with using our hands is that it requires work. Yes, that four-letter word that is the secret to all success.

Mountains move by work – one rock at a time.