Sometimes the person with the ground-breaking idea doesn’t get the credit.  Sometimes no one will thank you.

Sometimes life gives you pain instead of pleasure.  Sometimes the promotion goes to the less qualified.

Sometimes no one cares about your personal battles.  Sometimes you’ll be taken advantage of.

Here’s a lesson that’s taken me way too long to learn:  You can’t control outcomes, you can only control effort.  Happiness comes by not what happens but how you choose to react.

Life isn’t about avoiding all pain and work, but it’s much more effective to show up with your best self, despite the circumstances.

Those who end up creating businesses and accumulating money have learned to push through the obstacles and the down times.  They have them just like anyone else, but they push through.

As you focus on what you can control, who you serve, what you’re learning, and who you’re loving, your career and life can be an amazing experience.