Optimally, you work in an organization that is constantly growing, adapting to new threats, and has a great business culture. Most likely, 8 of 10 that see this post aren’t having that experience.

Sometimes management is doing things the same old way and is isolated and “walled off” from the employees. They are managers and not leaders.

Sometimes employees are seen as parts to a system and are not seen as people. This type of culture creates employees that are there for the paycheck and certainly not for the passion. If something better came along, they would certainly move one.

Another scenario is that decisions “with great intent” are made by management but are off the mark. Many employees know the project is doomed to fail before launch because they are talking to the customers every day.

Great leaders know how to take down the walls and get the best from their employees. They see employees as valuable assets and connect. As new initiatives are brought forward they collaborate to make sure their new initiative is powerful and on target.

The divide between management and employees doesn’t need to be as wide as it often is.