Let me give you a formula on how you can create, what I call, the greater future. As you create this future there is a required mindset. If apply this formula, it will bring dramatic results.

It isn’t a quick fix but it is a pattern to build your abundance and success over time.

The goal in life is not to get out of work; but rather, to develop ever increasing skills, mental abilities, and productivity; and then to employ your unique qualities and genius in the service of others.

As you understand who you are and then deliver greater and greater value to the lives of others, greater compensation can follow.  As you increase your level of responsibility, impact and influence can occur.

This could mean better relationships, more income, increased  influence, and more impact in the causes that you believe in.

Here is another way the formula can be expressed.

Focus on gaining ever increasing levels of ability so you can seize leadership opportunities, which equals your greater future.

The focus is to not skip school or work. It’s not to go hide on the beach. It’s not to go have comfort, but rather to be able to push yourself to new levels and to have more and more influence and impact.

As you do so, that’s how personal economics increase, whether you’re on your own in a solo or a small business, or even a larger business where there’s more infrastructure. You get that way by increasing your skill set, your mindset, the ability you have to solve problems, and innovate along the way.

The same principles apply with your health and your significant relationships.  You gain more and more abilities to take more and more responsibility.

You can’t cheat your way to long-term success.  Short-term success will crumble if not built on correct principles.