Dying with your song still in you.  Now that is agony.  Dying every day because a dream sits buried under piles of perceived impossibility,that’s torture.  It is a slow and painful death.

Torture for the most part is an internal pain.  The greatest battles we all face are within the walls of our own hearts.

I love possibility.  Not what someone else tells me is possible.  But rather what I know is possible.  In that gap is perhaps the secret to claiming happiness.

Happiness doesn’t come by seeing the vision of possibility but by claiming it.  Actions make possibility reality.

Start today toward your own possibility.  If you want to make more money, take steps today.  If you want to be a better parent, start today.  If you want to be a better musician, start today.  The irony is that tomorrow’s dream come true by acting today, not by acting tomorrow.  Why?  Because actions that you take tomorrow never seem to get implemented.

There are always opportunities to course correct, if you are moving.  No course correction occurs to a plane that sits idle on the runway.  Once it is flying adjustments can be made easily.

Start today, don’t wait for tomorrow, for today’s actions will create your tomorrow and make your possibility a reality.