When you’re ready to engage in the fight of your life, find someone who has been to the edge of the cliff and survived. If you’re a small business owner find someone who has seen the dark waters you’re experiencing and hire them as a coach or a mentor. If you’re in the battle to shed those pounds that haunt you every time you dare to look in the mirror, find someone who has been to the edge of that cliff and returned victorious. If you’re raising children, break free from the paradigms of your own youth and find the path that someone has already forged victoriously.

Life is too short to blaze every trail on your own and to learn every lesson through the unrelenting blows of inexperience. Find someone who has been to the edge of the cliff, faced their fears and anxieties victoriously, and then returned battle hardened. Often these quiet heroes have never seen the clamor of crowds or the cheers of public recognition but rather have a quiet dignity and confidence that draws you to them magnetically.

Choose someone who has fought and won. Their experience will be priceless and their friendship will be powerful.