Do you hear it?  It’s the voice that whispers, “I want to be better”.

I’ve never met a person who at some level doesn’t want things to be better.  It’s an inherent desire that all are born with.

This voice is a call to greatness.  Happiness comes by heeding the call and aligning your daily actions and habits to it.   If you ignore the call you’ll never known what “might have been”.

Even worse is that the call becomes quieter and quieter the longer you ignore it.  With time, the flame of potential can slowly smother.

What’s your best self asking you to become?  Perhaps it’s a better father or mother.  Maybe it’s a better friend or leader.  Maybe it’s a person of more influence in a cause you are passionate about.  Maybe to find your niche in your career and pay the price to have a break-through year.

Heed the call.  It’s who you are.  It’s who you want to be.