Here is the advice I’d give to anyone working on their degree or in the first 10 years of your career.  (if you are getting this in email, click here see the video)

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Are you working on your degree?  Maybe you just received it?  Or maybe been working less than ten years?

Many times we’re taught or under than impressing that your degree will be “the key” to economics success in your career and life.  The degree is a key that opens a door but what happens inside that door up to you.

Just because you have the degree doesn’t mean you have all the attributes that the organization is looking for.  The degree is a key but it isn’t a guarantee of the earning power that you’ll accomplish.

What can you do?

1) Be a value creator.  Deliver more value than you consume.
2) How does what you do tie to the bottom line of the organization?
3) Relentlessly focus on this drive toward the bottom line
4) Differentiate yourself and stand out

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